I would like to share some of the tools and services I found helpful over the years and that can save you time or make your life easier in some way.

Audible was by far my best investment in 2018. By subscribing, I gained access to a multitude of great books that gave me a new perspective over business, finances and life. Commuting is a big part of my life so having audiobooks to listen to means the time I spend on the road is not lost but gained by listening to great authors. I cannot recommend this enough! You can even try it free for a month, so what are you waiting for?

Evernote is a powerful and accesibile tool for daily use. I personally utilize it everyday for getting organised, shopping lists and work related stuff. It’s been a great platform to keep my personal notes and the best thing is you can use it on multiple devices such as PCs, Laptops or Smartphones. It syncs automatically, so you can always have your notes with you by using the Evernote App for Android and Apple.

Spotify has been my favourite music platform for the past 4 years. It’s nice looking, easy to use and you can always find that new music that just came out. You have the option to download your favourite tracks on you phone so you are able to listen to them without a internet connection at high quality. Another cool feature is that you can use it on multiple devices such as Smart TVs, Tablets, Laptops and Desktop Computers. This way you always have your music with you either you are on your phone on in the office at work.